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Stretch Wrap Machine Troubleshooting Checklist

A stretch wrap machine will save time and money from less film usage and faster, more consistent wraps. When a machine goes down, you notice it and workers wrapping by hand certainly notice it. Below are a few items to check when a stretch wrap machine goes down to hopefully have your problem quickly pinpointed. 

Click Here for a Printable Troubleshooting Checklist

Stretch Wrap Machine Power Supply

Machine will not function, without power

_______ Check incoming power supply for power

_______ Examine machine power cord for damage

_______ Check the machine internal circuit breaker for a flipped switch

_______ Be sure no fuses are blown if accessible

If all of these items are checked, move on to the next section. If incoming power is lower or higher than required, the wrong amperage can cause a machine not to function correctly. Any damage to the power cord should be repaired or replaced before operating. 

Stretch Wrap Machine E-Stop

Machine will not function, with power

_______ Check all E-Stops to make sure none are engaged

_______ Be sure the film feed door is closed all the way

_______ Check internal drives for error codes

If you check internal drives and one is displaying an error code, contact a tech from where you bought the machine for assistance.

Stretch Wrap Machine Limit Switch

Machine turntable will not stop at home

_______ Bad connection between mast and turntable

_______ Remove four bolts in turntable and check for debris blocking limit switch

_______ If no obstructions, the limit switch may be bad, call a technician.

The limit switch tells the turntable to return to home. If the machine turntable will not find the home position, something related to the limit switch is often the problem.

Stretch Wrap Machine Cannon Plug

Film Carriage Does Not Work

_______ Check to be sure cannon plug into film carriage are on properly and not damaged

_______ Check the film carriage chain for breaks or disconnections from gears

_______ Be sure the film carriage is not outside the carriage limit switch 

Be sure there is nothing obstructing the film carriage inside the machine and out. Lastly, look for error codes on the internal drive and contact a technician if showing an error.

Stretch Wrap Machine Film Threading

Stretch film breaks during operation

_______ The correct stretch film being used, machine stretch film is made to stretch more than hand stretch film for better performance

_______ Be sure the stretch film is threaded correctly through the machine

_______ Adjust the turntable speed and tension to the lowest levels possible and see if breaking continues

If tension is lower and breaking continues there may be a problem with the pre-stretched heads on the machine. If lower turntable speed and tension help, slowly increase until the right tension is found as the machine is in operation.


Many things can go wrong with a stretch wrap machine. Use this checklist as a basic guide to quickly find what may be wrong with your stretch wrap machine. For more complex issues or error codes reading on the internal drives, we recommend contacting a qualified technician.


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