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Stretch Wrap Machine Tension Adjustment

We recently wrote a blog post on stretch wrap machine film loading. The post was intended to help customers properly load a new stretch wrap machine with a film. Understanding the proper film unwind and threading will prevent premature film tears and increase film efficiency.

As a follow-up post, we want to provide details on adjusting tension settings after the film is threaded properly. Proper tension adjustment settings can reduce film waste, prevent damaged loads, and dramatically reduce film costs. For this post, we are adjusting the tension on a 2000B stretch wrap machine. See the easy step-by-step process below for adjusting your new machine from U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

Tie film to the pallet

After film threading is complete, tie the film to the pallet being wrapped.

Stretch Wrap tied to pallet

Reset Turntable to “Home” Position and Press Start Button in Auto Mode

Once finished loading film into the machine, the E-stop will be on. Release the E-stop and hit the reset button. This will set the machine to the home position. When at the home position, press the start button to begin wrapping

Reset Turntable

Increase Turntable Speed Enough to Set Tension

Adjust turntable speed to between a 2 – 3. The turntable will move at a slow to moderate speed.

Increased turntable speed

Adjust Tension Until the Dancing Roller Steadies

Slowly increase the tension dial. As tension increases, the dancing roller will reduce bouncing and steady.

Dancing Roller

Set Turntable Speed

Increasing the stretch wrapper turntable speed can also increase film tension. Once the dancing roller is steady, increase the turntable speed to reach the full film stretch rate before tearing.

Turntable speed adjustment

Increase Film Carriage Speed  

Once tension settings are properly adjusted, the film carriage speed can be adjusted. We recommend between a 2-3 to begin.

Film Carriage Settings

See the video below for film settings and how to watch for the dancing rollers to smooth out during set up.


Pallet Diagonal Calculator

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Pallet Diagonal


Shrink Film Width Calculator

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Shrink Film Width