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Shrink Wrapping Services: What to Expect

Shrink Wrapping Services: What to Expect

Sometimes the cost of shrink wrap machines, materials, and labor can exceed the costs of the products needing to be packaged. Basic shrink wrapping supplies cost a few hundred dollars to wrap less than a product per minute. Labor and time can add up if hundreds or thousands of products are needing to be wrapped.

Shrink wrapping services can provide a fast and professional solution for a variety of products and production requirements. Products can be individually packed or bulk packed for sale via retail shelves or online sales. Below is a basic break down of what to expect when using U.S. Packaging & Wrapping shrink wrapping services.

A Simple Phone Call or Email

We welcome either a phone call or email detailing product sizes and quantities. Initial questions will help to understand if the services requested are capable of being done by our production team.

Call for Shrink Wrapping Services

Basic Upfront Pricing

Pricing is based on the amount and type of shrink film used for the job. Our minimum is 1000 square feet. We can run less than 1000 sqft, but the charge will be for 1000 sqft of usage which ranges from $210 - $300.

In addition to the square footage used, a one time set up fee is required as well. The setup fee includes 3 different product size setups. After the initial set up fee is charged, no additional set up fees will be charged for future runs of the same size.

Shrink Wrapping Service Price Chart

Product Testing

All products sizes are required to be sent to our facility for machine testing. Testing helps to be sure the right machines are being used with the right film for the product being wrapped. Once testing is complete, finished products are sent back with a return label and confirmed.

Pick Up and Delivery

After testing is confirmed customers have the option of arranging shipping or we can quote shipping to our facility. Standard turn-arounds range from 5-7 business days depending on quantity and wait times.

Once products are wrapped a re-boxed, they can be palletized and prepared for freight pick up.

Call 1-800-441-5090, our sales team would love to discuss how U.S. Packaging & Wrapping shrink wrapping services can assist your business.


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