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Shrink Wrap Packaging Reference Guide

Throughout the years we have written about a variety of topics devoted to shrink wrap packaging. With so much content, videos, charts, and more, finding the right information can be difficult. This reference guide is intended to put as much information and resources as possible into one complete guide for shrink wrap packaging.

We felt the best way to present information and references would be from the beginning of the buying process until after the purchase. Not all the references listed below are our content. We have compiled resources from both of our blogs, our website, and other websites to provide the best information possible.

How Will Shrink Wrap Benefit My Company and Products?

Shrink packaging is one of the most popular forms of packaging for several reasons. One of the main reasons is cost. Compared to other forms of packaging, shrink wrapping is often much more affordable and often times more efficient. Check out some of the resources below explaining in-depth how shrink wrapping can benefit your company.

Here is a previous blog post about how shrink wrap can benefit your company and products. The article explains how shrink wrapping can be used for primary or secondary packaging and the benefits of each.

This article explains how shrink wrapping can save your business money in comparison to using corrugated packaging. The post breaks down the cost of shrink wrapping compared to corrugated packaging.

A blog post we wrote last year titled primary packaging with shrink wrap explains the advantages of using shrink wrap as primary packaging for a variety of products.

After reading about the benefits of shrink packaging, many people want to know if shrink wrap will work with their products. See the section below for references and articles explaining how shrink wrapping works with different products.

Will Shrink Wrap Packaging Work With My Products?

Anyone considering shrink wrap packaging should first determine if shrink wrapping will work with their products. The good news is, more than likely shrink wrapping will work with your products.

Shrink wrapping is used for a large variety of products across multiple industries all around the world. Food products like cookies and cupcakes up to diesel engines and metal pipes are packaged and transported using shrink wrap. See the references below to help determine if shrink wrap packaging will work with your products.

Our post about commonly shrink wrapped items points out specific shrink wrapped items found in most grocery stores. This is a great article to get familiar with some commonly shrink-wrapped items that may be close to the product you are considering shrink wrapping.

If you are considering wrapping food products with shrink wrap, read about food packaging with polyolefin shrink film. This article explains the benefits of shrink wrapping food products.

Here are the links to a three-part series titled shrink wrap what? This series breaks down products to shrink wrap from fresh produce to stationary. Click on the links to view part 1, part 2, or part 3 of the series.

After reading a couple of references listed above, you can see that most products across multiple industries can be shrink wrapped. The next question people typically want to know is how much does shrink wrapping cost?

How Much Does Shrink Wrapping Cost?

Cost is one of the main reasons shrink wrapping is popular. The use of shrink wrap to package products is a very affordable and efficient form of packaging. Shrink wrap offers small companies the ability to professionally package products with a relatively low start-up cost. High output operations can quickly and affordably produce shrink-wrapped products with the proper machines. View some of our references below for shrink wrap cost.

Our guide to shrink wrap machine cost breaks down in detail what machine is right for each level of production. The shrink wrap machine guide also gives machine cost to help determine overall start-up cost.

Shrink wrap bags are a common type of shrink wrap used to wrap everything from CDs to food products. Our post about shrink bags details the cost of shrink bags for anyone considering using them.

Perforated single wound shrink wrap rolls are commonly used by printers and food producers. A blog post from last year details the cost of perforated shrink wrap rolls.

Centerfold PVC shrink wrap is one of the most popular forms of shrink film. View the cost of PVC shrink wrap per foot to help determine if centerfold PVC shrink wrap is the right product for your application.

Two forms of shrink wrap we do not have reference guides to are centerfold polyolefin shrink wrap and shrink tubing rolls. Both forms are relatively inexpensive and great options to consider when looking for the proper shrink wrap.

What Shrink Wrap Material Should I use?

The type of shrink film used is the biggest factor in the overall aesthetics of each product. The primary materials used to make shrink film are polyethylene, polyolefin, PVC, and polypropylene. Use the references below to determine which shrink film is right for your application.

This Wikipedia article about shrink wrap mentions the different types of shrink film as well as some common uses. It is a very basic article about the different types of shrink wrap film commonly available.

Here is a blog post about shrink wrap materials and their common characteristics. This post highlights PVC, polyolefin, and polyethylene shrink films. It explains the common uses for each type of film.

Our shrink film 101 page highlights the advantages and disadvantages of PVC and polyolefin shrink film.

National shrink wrap also has a useful guide for choosing the right shrink film.

Each reference listed above should help give direction to the type of shrink film to use. Many people call us after reading, still unsure exactly which film to use. This is a common issue that should be carefully considered. Feel free to call us if you are still unsure about which type of film to use. Once the shrink film material is determined, the type of film should be considered next.

What Type of Shrink Film Do I Need?

There are a variety of options to choose from when using a shrink film. The most popular forms of shrink film are centerfold rolls, bags, and tubing. Use the references below to determine the best type of shrink film to use.

We have a newer post titled, what heat shrink wrap to use. The post highlights the different shrink wrap types available and what option may be best for different applications. Whether using bags, tubing, centerfold, or single wound rolls, determining the size needed is the next important step.

What Size of Shrink Film Do I Need?

Determining the size of the shrink film needed is important to ensure the film will accommodate all products and reduce excess waste. If using a centerfold shrink wrap roll, the goal is to purchase a roll large enough to accommodate the largest product being wrapped. Shrink bags and tubing should be sized for each specific product or product close to the same size. Use the referenced articles below to choose the proper size of shrink film.

This blog post titled how to measure for shrink wrap offers videos explaining how to measure for centerfold shrink wrap and shrink tubing.

Our category page for shrink wrap bags explains at the bottom of the page the proper way to measure for shrink wrap bags.

Once the proper size of shrink film is determined, an important question to address is the thickness of the film needed.

What Thickness of Shrink Film Do I Need?

The proper film thickness can make or break shrink wrap packaging operations. Shrink film that is too thin can easily tear and cause product loss and damage. Below are some references to help determine the proper shrink film thickness.

Shrink film thickness is often measured in gauges or mils. View our thickness conversion chart for clarification of how shrink film thickness is measured.

Our blog post titled What thickness of shrink film do I need, should answer the majority of questions when determining film thickness.

Even some of the best articles and resources are no substitute for sampling and testing material thicknesses. Call us if you would like samples for different material thicknesses. Sometimes it is the best way to determine the proper film to be used.

After addressing all the questions to help determine the shrink film and machines are needed people unfamiliar with shrink wrapping generally want to know how to shrink wrap a product.

How To Shrink Wrap a Product?

The process of shrink wrapping is fairly simple no matter the type of machine or material. The film needs to be sealed with a heat sealer and then heat needs to be applied to the film to shrink it down. Use the references below for tutorials on how to shrink wrap a product.

One of the best resources we offer is our YouTube channel of videos. There are dozens of videos available showing how to shrink wrap products.

Here is an infographic to illustrate how to use shrink wrap. This graphic is a cut-and-dry graphic of the basics of the shrink wrapping process.

We also have a text blog post about how to shrink wrap products. This post explains in text, the process of shrink wrapping a product.

Once you begin shrink wrapping, you may encounter small problems that are common when shrink wrapping. The next section offers references to use when those issues are encountered.

Shrink Wrapping Problems

There are a handful of problems that can arise when you begin using shrink wrap packaging. Use the references below to address those problems and obtain the perfect look.

The shrink film 101 page off of our homepage offers common terms when shrink wrapping. These terms will help identify the problems you may be experiencing.

We have written a two-part blog series addressing shrink wrap problems. The series highlights and offers solutions to a variety of problems people may experience when shrink wrapping products. Click here for part one of the series or here for part two of the series.

If there are any questions in this guide we have not addressed, feel free to contact us at 1-800-441-5090. We would welcome the opportunity to assist with any questions or issues you may have.


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