Shrink Wrap Machine Video Library

Shrink Wrap Machine Video Library (Updated 2/1/19)

Understanding the process of shrink wrapping can be difficult for anyone unfamiliar with shrink packaging. Over the years we have provided in-depth articles and tutorials on our packaging blogs. In addition to the text articles, we have also made and published dozens of videos on our YouTube Channel.

This blog post is intended to put a large selection of our shrink wrap machine videos in one place based on machine production levels. The top videos include the lowest cost and lowest output shrink wrap machine options.

Starter to low Output (1-100 products per day)

Heat gun, Impulse Sealer, and Shrink bags to fit the product being wrapped. Operators can attain more than 100 products per day, but investment in a more efficient machine is recommended once output exceed 100 products per day. Cost may vary depending on bag sizes and sealer sizes, but the average start-up cost is beteen $120-$350 for everything.

Low Output (1-200 products per day)

I-Bar sealer, Film rack, Centerfold Shrink Film,and Heat Gun. Using an centerfold shrink film requires two seals, but is much easier to slide product into the shrink film. Depending on the size of the sealer, costs ranges from $229 - $520 for everything.

Low to Medium Output (100-350 products per day)

L-Bar sealer, film rack, centerfold shrink film, and heat gun. The L-Bar sealer seals the all open ends on the centerfold shrink film in one motion. Prices of the L-Bar sealer vary depending on sizes, but start up costs range from $650-$1700.

Medium Output (350-3500 products per day)

Either the 48st or 76st shrink chamber system with a centerfold shrink film. A shrink chamber system is an L-Bar sealer it a heater that heats up when the hood is closed. The 48st is capable of packaging up to 5 products per minute and the 76st is capable of packaging up to 8 products per minute. Initial start up costs for film and machine is $2699 - $3499.00

Medium to High Output (750-4500 products per day)

An L-Bar sealer, heat tunnel, and centerfold shrink film. The L-Bar sealer used with a shrink tunnel increases production times ten-fnew compared to an L-Bar sealer with a heat gun. Depending on the size of the tunnel and L-Bar sealer, initial start-up costs range from $2900 - $8900.

Medium to High Output (2500 - 5000+ products per day)

A shrink wrap combo system is the same as the L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel above with a few key differences to increase efficiency. The combo system features a magnetic hnew down and a discharge conveyor. These two additions substantially increase efficiency over a tabletop sealer and tunnel. Initial start-up costs range from $6000 - $9000.

High Output (5000+ products per day)

A fully automatic shrink wrap system can accommodate a variety of high speed shrink wrapping operations. An automatic shrink wrap system seals and shrink products without an operator. Due to the many varieties of automatic sealers, we do not stock a selection of auto sealers. Most sealers require a 10-16 week lead time. Initial prices range from $35,000 - $60,000.

Is you have any questions about the shrink wrap machines mentioned or shown above, call us at 1-800-441-5090 anytime between 8-5 central time. 


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