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Shrink Wrap Machine Demonstrations

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Product demonstrations are great to see prior to purchasing any product. Seeing live demonstrations of a packaging machine is no different. Live Demos offer the ability to see how machines work, specifications, speeds, and more. Due to time and location constraints, viewing machines in person can be difficult. 

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. is here to help. We offer three primary options for shrink wrap machine demos. The list below is a convenient way to view shrink machine demonstrations and ensure the right purchase without leaving the office.

Online Videos

Our YouTube Channel has an extensive list of online videos. We try to offer an online demonstration video for all of our packaging machinery. All of our shrink wrap machines have professional video demonstrations with them. Most machine demo videos are short videos to show the machine capabilities and components.

In addition to machine demo videos, we also offer a large variety of product demonstrations. These video demonstrations show how popular shrink wrapped products are wrapped and what machines work best with them. Products demonstrated include bath bombs, stationary, CDs, candles, baked goods, confectionary, cell phones, and more.


Interactive Demo Room

Our web developers and marketing department spent many months developing our interactive demo room which features some of our best selling shrink wrap machines. The interactive demo room is a static shot of our showroom. Each machine in the shot has a clickable icon that brings up a three-dimensional view of the machine.

Once the rotating view of the machine comes up it can be rotated with the mouse to gain a 360 view of the machine. As the machine rotates clickable icons come up to highlight different features of the machine. The interactive 360 view also has access to demo videos and machine specifications on the product page.

Interactive demo room snap shot


Product Testing

We recommend checking out the interactive demo room and product videos first. If you are still unsure about the right shrink wrap machine, send us your product with a return label and we will shrink wrap your product.

This is an excellent way to be 100% sure the machine is going to work with your product. Simply send us your products and let us know the amount of daily production you require. We will run the product with our machines and film to find the right option for your needs.

Upon request, we can send videos of your product running through the requested machine. After completion, we package up the product and send back to your facility. This enables a full shrink wrap machine demonstration without leaving your location.

To ask questions, request quotes, or set up product testing today call 1-800-441-5090 or shop online.


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