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Packaging Machine Delivery and Set Up

The new purchase and delivery of a packaging machine can be stressful and time-consuming. Adjusting for multiple products can be confusing without the familiarity of a new machine. Using multiple material thicknesses can be difficult as well. If using a bag sealer or shrink wrap machine, multiple adjustments may need to be made before zeroing in on the right settings for each material thickness. Most of the machines we offer are considered plug-n-play machines. Within minutes of arrival, the machine can be set up and ready to begin packaging.

Palletized machines will need to be taken off of the pallet, and an electrical connection will need to be made. Standard 110v machines will quickly plug into a wall outlet, but 220v machines will need a male plug to match the female receptacle. Once the packaging machine is off the pallet and out of the box, correct settings need to be attained. For one product or a single shrink wrapping film, settings can quickly be dialed in. Wrapping multiple sized products and switching materials can be difficult to find the right settings.

Sometimes that additional time and effort are worth paying extra for personal delivery and set up. We offer a delivery and set up option for customers purchasing packaging machines in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, and SoCal.

If we can fit the machine in our van or delivery truck, our staff will personally deliver your new packaging machine and set the machine up to begin production. When speaking with a sales team member inquire about additional costs and setup for your machine purchase.

Packaging Machine Delivery

Benefits of Packaging Machine Delivery and Set-Up

1. Ensure products arrive safely and on time

2. Assistance with unloading and unpackaging

3. No man-hours wasted. Allow us to spend the time for setup

4. Instruction and training for maintenance and product adjustments

5. Tools and parts capable of servicing other machines on site. Additional costs may apply

6. Order a packaging machine and have it ready for production with no effort


Call 1-800-441-5090 and speak with a salesman today about packaging machines and setup. Click on the link to shop packaging machines for sale online.




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