New Products at U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

We always strive to continually expand product lines. We want to offer quality products that assist our customers in packaging productivity and functionality. Lately, we have been focused on expanding our machine offerings. We have always offered a large selection of machines to local customers, but only recently have we focused on offering machines online.

Recently we have been focused on expanding our shrink wrap machines and strapping machine selection. Below is a brief description of new additions to our product lines.

Shrink Wrap Machines

40 Inch I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap System - We have always offered I-Bar shrink wrap systems, but our new 40 inch I-Bar 40" I-Bar Sealershrink wrap system is built to accommodate large products. The 40 inch I-Bar system offers a 40 inch sealing bar ideal for long and wide products. The 40 inch sealing bar allows users to seal products with one seal instead of multiple seals to enclose long products.

Impulse Foot Sealers - Foot sealers are a great way to efficiently seal products while keeping both hands free. Every foot sealer comes with heavy duty stand and an adjustable foot pedal and work table. We offer both flat and round wire foot impulse sealers for poly bags and shrink bags. Sealing widths are available from 12 inches up to 32 inches wide.

Food & Meat Wrapping Machine - Food wrapping machines are common in many meat Food Wrapping Machineshops, seafood stores, deli's, and supermarkets. Food wrapping machines are commonly used with a Styrofoam tray to package meat and other food items. We sell multiple thicknesses of meat film to work with our food wrapping machines as well as a perforated film to use with the machine. Each machine features a film roller to easily dispense film, a cutting edge, and a heating pad to heat the film for shrinking together.

Strapping Machines

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines - Our semi-automatic strapping machines feature adjustable cool times, 110 volt Semi-Automatic Strapping Machineplugins, instant sealing heat, and much more. We recommend our semi-automatic strapping machines for businesses strapping up to a couple of hundred products per day. The average strap time on these machines is approximately 1.5 seconds per strap.

Automatic Strapping Machines - The automatic strapping machines offer an LCD screen readout, Auto-loop ejector, multiple arch dimensions available, and much more. Our automatic machines are capable of strapping up to 65 straps per minute. All machines come with a 110 volt plugin.

If you have any questions about our new products or other product offerings, feel free to contact us a 1-800-441-5090, we would love to assist you in any way possible.


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