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Multiple Pallet Stretch Wrappers to Multiple Locations

Purchasing multiple stretch wrap machines for different locations can benefit the company and make you look like a hero if done right. Companies choose to buy multiple stretch wrap machines for different locations for many reasons. Below are a few reasons to buy multiple machines at once.

Companies replacing existing stretch wrap machines - The most common purchasers of multiple machine orders. Upgrading old and worn machines can pay off within months. We will explain why purchasing all of the machines together can save on repair costs, downtime, and headache.

Switching from hand wrapping to machine pallet wrapping - Another reason companies decide to purchase multiple machines. Businesses with multiple locations wrapping by hand can save tens of thousands of dollars in film cost alone by switching to machine wrapping. Below are additional reasons for switching to a pallet wrapper in every location will justify the cost.

End of year capital expenditures – It’s always important to use budgets if you can lose the budget. Purchasing multiple machines at the end of the year can produce big discounts and savings. See some purchasing ideas below to save big at the end of the year.

Replacing Old Stretch Wrap Machines in Multiple Locations

Old Stretch Wrap Machine

Companies with multiple locations shipping out several pallets daily can become dependent on a stretch wrap machine. Over time, the machine becomes scratched and beat up. As the wear continues, the parts and downtime can become costly. Downtime forces employees to wrap by hand becoming more miserable with every revolution.

If this is a common problem in more than one location, it may be time to make a multiple machine purchase. The savings of having a machine running with no downtime can often pay for the machines within a few months.

Another reason to replace older machines with new is the potential film savings. Some older stretch wrap machines like the one above, do not have a pre-stretch film carriage. Upgrading this one feature can cut stretch film costs in half. The pre-stretched rollers stretch film to the maximum stretch rate, dramatically reducing film waste.

Switching from Hand Wrapping to Machine Wrapping in Multiple Locations


In terms of return on investment, this is probably the best reason to buy a pallet wrapper for each location. Wrapping more than 5 – 10 pallets per day at each location can justify the purchase of multiple stretch wrap machines.

Purchasing machines with a pre-stretched film carriage will cut film costs in thirds. Most hand stretch film will not stretch more than 150%. That is a maximum stretch rate if the employee applying the film is pulling the maximum amount consistently. On average, employees reach a 75% stretch rate if they are pulling moderately hard around the pallet. In contrast, the stretch wrap machine will reach a consistent 200% - 250% stretch rate every time. Three times more stretch and savings than hand wrapping.

This is an easily verifiable figure (read easy way to test stretch film stretch rate). Add all of the stretch film costs for each location and divide by three. That figure will be the film usage if using a stretch wrap machine. If ordering a pallet of hand film per month, the pallet should last roughly three months. It does need to be machine film to reach the desired 250% stretch rate. Depending on the overall usage, the machines can pay for themselves in stretch film savings within 12 – 24 months of usage.

Labor cost savings are often overlooked when switching to a stretch wrap machine from hand wrapping. A stretch wrap machine with photo-eye will fully wrap a pallet freeing up employees to work on other jobs. Employees utilized to wrap pallets can now be moved to other tasks to help make the warehouse more efficient. 

End of Year Capital Expenditures

Capital Expenditures

Purchasing multiple wrappers toward the end of the year can provide several benefits for companies. The tax savings are reason enough to make the purchase. The machine purchase is an upfront cost that will benefit the company for years to come.

For large corporations, the purchase of multiple stretch wrap machines can help save budgets for the following year. Many larger companies have use-it or lose-it budgets. The allocated budget can be reduced the following year if not used in full.

Another advantage of purchasing multiple machines for multiple locations are the savings that can be found. Buying more than one stretch wrap machine should qualify for a pricing discount. In addition to a pricing discount, many companies run the end of year specials. These savings are designed to clear inventory and offer customers additional savings.


The initial cost of purchasing multiple stretch wrap machines can be discouraging. Use the numbers to justify the cost. Remember to figure downtime costs, film usage costs, labor costs, and discounted savings when considering the purchase. If pallet wrapping several pallets daily, the purchase of multiple machines can pay for themselves and save the company money within two years of purchase. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about purchasing multiple stretch wrap machines. We help customers all over the United States with multiple stretch wrap machine purchases shipping to multiple warehousing locations.


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