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How to Report a Missing USPS, Fedex, USPS, or DHL Package

Lost Package

Missing packages are more common than you might think—especially if you've had a reliable stint of receiving yours on time.

But now, you find yourself with a FedEx or DHL missing package, and you're not sure what to do. Is your package lost in the abyss, never to be seen again? Will you get any compensation for this inconvenience? 

You're not alone in these questions. In fact, about 1.7 million packages go missing or are stolen every single day. That massive number contributes to over $25 million in lost goods and services per year in the US.

Some suppliers, like Amazon, offer solutions—"Hub Lockers" and secure delivery sites for when you're not home—but that doesn't help you much when you've got a current package missing. That's why we compiled this list for you.

See below for steps to report missing packages.

Report a USPS Missing Package

If you think you're missing a package from the U.S. Postal Service®, consider the following protocol:

  • First, check the status of your package. You may find that your package is still in transition and is on its way
  • If you don't have luck with its tracking information, you'll need to file a help request form
  • After your online help request form gets filed, wait seven days for a result
  • If in seven days there is no package, you can pursue further action through a Missing Mail search request 

If you want to check your package's tracking information before doing the above steps, click here. You may find that your package is meant to arrive tomorrow and you can save yourself some trouble!

If you do think your package is missing, you'll go to step two: filing a help request from a desktop. From there, the USPS will forward your request to your local facility. This process starts the search for your missing package within the local area. 

Seven days after the help request form is filled out, you can file a missing package report. After that, you can expect periodic updates from the USPS. They'll either send you the package, alert you it can't be found, or let you know that it was unsafe to mail.

If your package is lost, you can file for a refund if you used a money-back guarantee service (ex: Priority Mail Express®) or paid for insurance.

Report a DHL Missing Package

Do you think you're missing a package from DHL? If so, the process looks very similar to the above one.

First, you'll want to file a claim with DHL. To do so, you'll need to be either the shipper or payer. The rules can appear stricter with DHL, as they require the person filing a claim to owns the claim rights, but this is simply to prevent fraudulent behavior (and likely doesn't apply to you).

You'll need to compile all the necessary information before filing a claim. Assemble this documentation into one .pdf or .zip file of 3MB or less and upload it. Their form page has a list of all information needed, which consists of details like the shipment's weight, the address, and name of the shipper, the receiver information—and more.

Once you fill out this form, you can expect to hear from DHL about your package's status. 

Report a UPS Missing Package

If you have to file a claim with the United Parcel Service, the process is fairly straightforward.

First, you'll start the claim filing process. That entails listing things such as the package details, your role, and more detailed package information. You'll want to have as much of that information on hand before filing a claim, and then you can submit it.

From there, UPS will provide you with a claim tracking number. You'll be able to see where in the investigation UPS is and stay updated on your package's status. 

To start your claim with UPS, click here. If you've already filed a claim and would like to view the claims dashboard, click here.

Report a FedEx Missing Package

Last but not least—what if you're missing a package from FedEx? You guessed it: it's time to start the claim process.

With FedEx, you can file a single claim, bulk claim, or add to another currently ongoing claim. Their process is streamlined to be simple. You can file online, have convenient claim access to see your status and details at any time, and even receive secure payments through their Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option, if applicable. 

Their process looks like the following:

  • Complete their online claim form
  • Add any supporting documentation. If you don't have it on you at the time of filing, you can add it after filing
  • Submit your claim and then schedule an inspection (or, you can conduct your own inspection if the package is worth more than $100 but less than $1,000)
  • If you conduct your own inspection, send the completed report to the address provided on the claim form
  • Easily track the status of your package investigation through FedEx's portal or request email updates

FedEx also provides insight into reducing the number of missing packages or how to help prevent the situation from happening again. That's good news for everyone!

You've Got Mail?

Losing mail can be frustrating.

When you've paid for something you need delivered or are awaiting a gift from a friend, you never want to hear that something's gone missing. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you may find yourself Googling things like "DHL missing package." Keep this useful list on hand in case you ever need to report a missing package again.


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