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Commercial Laundry Table and Film

Commercial Laundry Table and Film

Commercial laundry film and tables enable establishments to wrap and protect clothing, sheets, covers, and multiple other linens. Wrapped linens help ensure customers are receiving a freshly washed or brand new product. The laundry film used by organizations around the world is commonly available in two different thicknesses and multiple different widths. Wrapping tables can vary, but the most common tables are stand-alone tables and accommodate laundry film rolls up to 40 inches wide. In this post we are going to look at different laundry film and laundry table features available to businesses interested in commercial laundry wrapping.

Laundry Film

Laundry film is most commonly available in either 40 or 50 gauge thickness. Some manufacturers offer film as light as a 30 gauge thickness, but to only be used for smaller linens. For an understanding of gauge thickness check out our online gauge conversion chart.

Laundry film is produced to be a thin stretchable film that mends when heat is applied. The ability for the film to stretch is important when wrapping products. The stretching of the laundry film helps to conform the film to the product which produces a professional look. The ability for the film to mend together when placed on a heating pad creates a sealed bottom. The sealed package helps to protect the linens from dust, moisture, bugs, and other external elements.

Laundry film is available in multiple widths commonly ranging from 24 inches wide up to 40 inches wide. Measuring to find the right width is important prior to purchasing film. Too much film will create a bulky and unattractive look on the bottom of the film. Too little film with not allow operators to completely enclose the product to protect it from external elements.

The width of the laundry film will be determined be the overall width and height of the linens being wrapped. If there are multiple sizes of linens being wrapped different widths of laundry film may be needed. The easiest way to measure for laundry film is to determine the width and height of the largest product being wrapped. Add the width plus the height and multiply by 1.50 to allow excess film on the edges of the product. See the formula below.

Width + Height x 1.50 = Recommended Laundry Film Width

Laundry Wrapping Table

Laundry wrapping tables can vary depending on manufacturer and model. Most laundry wrapping tables offer the same basics with a variety of add-ons available. The primary three components laundry wrappers offer are film tension adjustment, film cutter, and a heat pad.

The film cutter is often available as a wire or rod that is heated for users to quickly and easily cut film when needed. The film tensioner is an important part of a laundry wrapper because it allows users to tightly pull film around products creating a wrinkle-free look to the finished package. The heating pad is used on the bottom of the package to heat the laundry film and mend it together sealing the package. A proper seal and heating pad temp. is important for protecting linens from external elements and obtaining a professional looking package.

Laundry wrapping tables can come with multiple different options aside from the basics mentioned above. Some add-ons and additional options include: all stainless steel construction, different heating pad sizes, different table widths, dual film racks, film cutter options and more.

See the laundry wrapping demo video below for the HS-HS10440LW Laundry Wrapper being used with dual 36 inch wide laundry film rolls in different thicknesses.


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