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Banding Material Differences

Banding Materials Differences

Banding materials used in packaging can vary dramatically based on the application. Different tools and machines are used depending on the size and weight of the products being banded. Below are brief descriptions, images, and common applications for banding materials used throughout the world.

Polypropylene Banding – Polypropylene banding is used for bundling multiple products together and strengthening corrugated packaging when holding heavy objects. Polypropylene often referred to as polypro or poly strapping can be applied by hand or machine.

Machine banding can differ in width, thickness, color, length, and core size. Choosing the right machine polypropylene banding will reduce production delays and ensure the machine being used will function properly. We recommend referring to the machine instruction manual to find the recommended coil size. Banding thickness is important as well. Some machines will not run banding that is too thick.

Common Applications – Corrugated box reinforcement and strapping boxes together for shipping.

Polypropylene Banding

Polyester Banding – Polyester banding is often used in place of steel strapping for heavier pallet loads. Polyester banding is applied to pallets of products to help secure and unitize heavy objects. Polyester or PET banding is tightened with a tensioning tool. After tension is applied it is crimped together.

Polyester Tensioners and crimpers are available in manual tools and all-in-one battery operated tools. Hand tools use buckles to crimp banding together while many battery-operated tools weld the banding together. When used properly, polyester banding will ensure products stay conformed and keep from shifting during transport.

Common Applications – Securing multiple products together and holding pallet loads onto pallets during transportation.

Polyester Strapping

Steel Banding – Steel banding is the strongest banding available and used for stabilizing heavier product loads. Manual tensioners pull the banding tight to keep it from shifting during transport. Steel banding is crimped together with buckles and a crimping tool.

For some product loads steel banding is not replaceable and considered a must-have. Double stacking pallets for transport and holding heavy drums of liquids requires a durable banding that will not break and spill contents.

Common Applications – Securing heavy and odd-shaped products together and stacking pallets for transport.

Steel Banding


For more information about banding materials, machines, or hand applicators give us a call at 1-800-441-5090.


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