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A Guide To Credible Packaging News Sources

Packaging news comes in a wide range of formats. Print and digital catalogs are popular as well as online news sites and specific news feeds. Most readers of packaging news have an interest in the packaging market. Some are interested in emerging trends and new machines and materials. Others are more focused and searching for specific sectors within the packaging industry. This guide is to help point out credible packaging news sources when looking for a general or focused packaging news source. 

Below is a list of credible packaging news sources to check out. We have broken them down into categories for easier browsing.


General News about the Packaging Industry

Packaging News

Packaging World Magazine

Packaging World Magazine is an all-around magazine covering multiple facets of the packaging industry. Readers can find new machine innovations, packaging events, videos and more. Magazines are available in both digital and print edition. They can be found online at the link above.

Packaging Digest

Packaging digest offers both general packaging news and segmented industry news. Readers can find information about packaging design, machines, and materials. An updated and insightful directory is also available to guide readers to proper suppliers if needed. They do not offer a print edition, but eNewsletters and interesting online content can be found in the link above.

Packaging Strategies

Packaging Strategies offers a print and digital magazine distributed 12 times annually. The magazine covers a wide range of packaging related topics. Featured topics are about new innovations within the packaging industry. Readers can choose a vertical markets section to browse articles by specific markets. Subscriptions are available for both digital and print.

Food Packaging

Food Packaging News

Food Engineering Magazine

The Food Engineering website has a great section dedicated to packaging. New packaging breakthroughs and designs are highlighted throughout the section. A great place to find new trends within the food packaging industry. Both print and digital magazines are available covering a wide range of topics about the food industry.

Food Online

A great online source to find information about the food packaging industry. The entire site is dedicated to food packaging. Readers can find topics about safety, inspection, processes, and more. Articles and resources include buyouts and detailed news about the food packaging industry.

Beverage Daily is devoted to covering all aspects of the beverage industry. Online the website offers sections about big brands within the beverage industry, sectors topics within the beverage industry, and a section devoted to beverage packaging. The packaging section lists new beverage packaging breakthroughs, case studies, and information.

Medical Packaging News

Medical Packaging News

The medical packaging industry in continuously evolving. New machines, materials, and processes are always improving the industry. Health Care Packaging follows new pharmaceutical packaging trends and applications. They offer a “Hot Topics” section online breaking down sectors within the health care packaging industry. Each section highlights articles from around the world related to pharmaceutical packaging.

Medical Design and Outsourcing Magazine

An online and print resource for the design and development of medical manufacturing. A variety of medical manufacturing topics are covered including medical packaging. The online medical packaging section features a feed of news articles related to medical packaging topics.

International Packaging News

International Packaging News

Packaging Europe

A resource for European packaging professionals to discover new technologies within the packaging industry in Europe. Packaging Europe is available in print and digital versions with a user-friendly website. Easily scroll through sectors and technologies within the packaging industry.

Packaging News

Packaging News is at the forefront of the UK packaging supply chain. Offering a wide range of articles and analysis, is an excellent resource for discovering new packaging news. Find packaging events and detailed articles broken into multiple different markets.


An online resource covering packaging news within the south pacific region. Find articles about Japanese, Chinese, and Korean packaging trends, design, and trade. A section found online is devoted to Asian packaging trends and data numbers. A great resource for anyone interested sector growth within the Asian market.

Leave a comment if you have any other credible resource for packaging news. If approved we would be happy to add it to our list.



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