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3 Reasons the Pack Expo Continues to Grow

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As always, this year’s Pack expo featured thousands of a packaging machine and material displays. Setting the stage for learning, connecting, and great times. Like many other packaging companies, U.S. Packaging & Wrapping always sends representatives to touch base with suppliers and view cutting edge packaging technologies when not exhibiting.

Many people outside of the packaging industry do not understand the overall size of the annual packaging expo. Each year the expo alternates between the Las Vegas Convention Center and the McCormick Place in Chicago.

During the Las Vegas Pack Expo most of the Convention center’s 2 million square feet are filled with people, exhibits, and learning stages. The Chicago pack expo is no different, the massive McCormick Place is filled wall-to-wall with packaging exhibits. Both exhibitors and attendees must pay fees for attendance and exhibits. Upfront fees can be costly for exhibitors. So why does the annual Pack Expo continue to draw 30,000+ people annually with thousands of exhibitors?

Targeted Audience

The Pack Expo brings a targeted audience great for attendee’s and exhibitors alike. Exhibitors can display products to thousands of potential buyers over multiple days. Attendees can see hard-to-find products in use and find multiple suppliers in one place.

Exhibitor charges are based on booth square footage with other itemized charges including power hookups, carpet, and more. In exchange, exhibitors can target potential buyers with detailed marketing tools and apps provided by the expo. With the right booth and products, exhibitors can acquire new customers with low overall customer acquisition costs. The amount of targeted leads companies can obtain the right product presentation cannot be matched elsewhere within the industry.

For attendee’s, the Pack Expo delivers a targeted list of companies to meet and view products in action. Both end users and distributors attend the show to find suppliers to do business with. Distributors can visit the show and meet new potential vendors face-to-face. The ability to meet new vendors in person is invaluable in today’s digital world.

The Pack Expo is an excellent opportunity for end users as well. Companies needing to purchase new machinery and materials can see multiple exhibitors in one place. Many buyers come to see machines in action prior to making a big purchase.

The Pack Expo website allows registered attendees to easily search and mark desired exhibitors. Once a list of distributors is chosen, a show plan can be printed. The showplan prints maps detailing where each exhibitor can be found within the convention.


Some attendee’s come without any desire for new suppliers. Many come to meet with companies they are already doing business with. Colleagues often talk to each other daily throughout the year. The Pack Expo is the one time of year many meet face-to-face.

The opportunity for an attendee to visit one show and meet with several business partners in one trip saves time and money. The personal connections can help strengthen business relationships and increase overall revenue.


The ability to step away and have an enjoyable time is always a plus for any business trip. The Pack Expo offers a whole host of entertaining events aside from the show. Attendee’s and exhibitors can easily view and sign up for anything of interest online.

Aside from Pack Expo planned events, the show is hosted by two very enjoyable and entertaining cities. Chicago offers great food and sights with a lively downtown night scene. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with exciting shows, games, and sights for all ages.


For years the Pack Expo has maintained steady growth. Companies continue to see value in the personal interaction and connections the packaging expo brings. As the world becomes more and more digitally driven, events like the annual Pack Expo will become more and more valuable. Until next year in Chicago, see you at the show!


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