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2019 U.S. Packaging & Wrapping Product Catalog Sneak Peek

A new 2019 catalog will be mailed out in March. All of our customers will receive one, but we encourage anyone to request a catalog. The catalog features a large selection of packaging products, but it also offers detailed packaging information about multiple packaging processes. The new catalog also highlights specials we run throughout the year. Check out 3 featured pages below and request a catalog at the bottom of the page.

Detailed Product Pages

All of the catalog product pages feature detailed images and information about each product. Easy-to-read Charts make viewing different sizes quick and easy. Each chart details the product number, shipping weight, price, and size of each product.

Product pages also feature a “tips” section in shaded boxes to help with packaging applications and sizes. Each tip is specific to the product or products they are found next to. The shaded box below is explaining how to shrink wrap a gift basket with a heat gun to prevent burn holes.

Product Pages


Informative Pages

New sections of the U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. catalog have entire pages detailing the benefits of each packaging application. Understand how each packaging process can benefit your needs.

The featured vacuum packaging page below explains why vacuum packaging is a perfect solution for extending product shelf life. The page also lists the differences in vacuum packaging vs. shrink packaging. Both packaging methods appear to remove air from the package. Find out which one is better for extending product shelf life and why.


Vacuum Packaging Information


Custom Capabilities

Pages throughout the catalog list custom capabilities and discounts offered throughout the year. We offer a large selection of custom capabilities for poly film, printed film, custom stretch wrap, and custom machines. Our goal is to offer short lead times with quick turnarounds on custom orders.

The featured page below highlights our printed stretch film capabilities. All printed stretch film orders ship free with short lead times. Quotes for the printed stretch film are easy to request. We reply within 24 hours of a requested quote for all custom products.

Custom Printed Stretch Film


Request a Catalog Today

We are always happy to send a new copy out upon request. We include a catalog with all new customer orders. If you would like to request one prior to ordering, click on the image below.


Request a U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC Catalog


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