10 Shrink Wrap Life Hacks

Shrink wrapping is often thought to be a mostly industrial process - something used to seal your brand new books, gadgets, food, and more. But to leave shrink wrap entirely to the pros is to miss out on the awesome lifehacking potential of do-it-yourself shrink wrapping.

All you need is some wrap and a heat gun, and you’re set.
Check out these life hacks below.

1. Books - Want to keep your personal library safe from moisture, mildew and aging? Try shrink wrapping your collection to seal it off from the elements, and keep each page fresh as new. Check out our YouTube video for details.

Shrink Wrapped Books

2. Sneakers - Shrink wrapping your new sneakers is a great way to keep them from yellowing with age. You can also add custom stickers to the wrap. See this YouTube tutorial for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOyJEAIg-EI (The shrink wrapping starts around 1:40.

Shrink Wrapped Shoes

3. Windows - Did you know you can help keep your home warmer in the winter by shrink-wrapping your own windows? This is a great and easy way to increase the everyday insulation of your home, and save energy during the most expensive months of the year. Check out this window shrink wrapping how-to video.

Shrink Wrapped Window

4. CDs - Got a musician in the family? Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to give your new album a professional, storebought feel? Try shrink wrapping your CD cases. Tutorial here .

Shrink Wrapped CD

5. Paintings and Prints - For those more inclined toward visual art, shrink wrapping can be an equally effective way of protecting prints of your artwork from unwanted scuffs, dust, or moisture. It’s also a great way to add a solid backing to a print done on a thinner material. Instructions here, from a member at wetcanvas.com.

Shrink Wrapped Painting

6. Shoelace Ends - The first part of a shoe to break down is often the plastic tip of the shoelace. (Did you know it’s called an aglet?) Once the plastic cracks, the lace can easily fray and fall apart. If you’re feeling crafty, you can fix this at home easily with a bit of heat shrink tubing. (It’s also a great way to resize your laces if they’re too long.) Instructions from Lifehacker here.

Shrink Wrapped Shoelace

7. Boats and Jet Skis - Got a boat or jet ski outdoors for the winter? Try winter-proofing it with shrink wrap. You cando it at home yourself - check out this page for more instructions.

Shrink Wrapped Boat

8. Homemade Soaps and Candles - If you’ve ever tried to make and sell your own soap or candles, sealing your product with shrink wrap can be a great way to protect it from the elements, and present it in a more professional manner. Soap Queen recommends using a heat gun over a hair dryer in their tutorial here .

Shrink Wrapped Candle

9. Firewood - There’s a reason small bundles of firewood often come shrink wrapped - it’s an inexpensive way to keep moisture out so your fuel burns quickly and easily. So if you’re planning on going camping and want to have some firewood that’s guaranteed to be dry when you set up for the night, try shrink wrapping your own before you leave home.

Shrink Wrapped Firewood


10. Food - Last but not least, try shrink wrapping your food! It’s an amazingly easy way to increase the shelf life of food in your home without having to rely on artificial preservatives, which may be dangerous for your health.

Shrink Wrapped Food


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