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Barrier Shrink Bags

$158.30 - $345.59

Multi-layered Shrink barrier bags provide an airtight enclosure for wrapping a large variety of products. They are made to be used with a vacuum sealer and water dip tank to package a range of consumable products. All sizes are FDA approved for direct food contact.

The completed look of shrink barrier bags is more visually appealing than standard vacuum bags. Shrunken Barrier shrink bags are clear packages tightly conformed to the product being wrapped. A vacuum chamber removes oxygen within the bag before a seal is made. The reduced oxygen slows spoilage times while securing products for transit and storage. All bags are 2.2 mils thick or 220 gauges thick with up to a 40% shrink rate.

See the specs and sizes below. Discounts begin at five or more cases.

Bag Thickness: 2.2 Mil

Oxygen Transmission Rate: 1cm3/m2.24hr atm

Shrink Temperature, Water: 185° - 200ºF


Select the product size and enter the quantity::
SKUProductW x LThicknessQty./CaseUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
MSB-0616-5006"x16" Barrier Shrink Bags6"x16"2.2 Mil5001 Cs.12 LBS $158.30N/A
MSB-1020-50010"x20" Barrier Shrink Bags10"x20"2.2 Mil5001 Cs.19 LBS $248.87N/A
MSB-1420-25014"x20" Barrier Shrink Bags14"x20"2.2 Mil2501 Cs.11 LBS $160.74N/A
MSB-1630-30016"x30" Barrier Shrink Bags16"x30"2.2 Mil3001 Cs.20 LBS $345.59N/A

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