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Automatic Side Sealing Shrink Wrapper


A side seal shrink wrapper offers the ability to wrap elongated products with an automatic shrink wrap machine. Products are inserted into the shrink film via a motorized conveyor. As products pass the cross sealing bar, the side sealing wheel simultaneously begins sealing. The auto side seal INT-20 is made to be used with polyolefin centerfold shrink film. With optimal settings, over thirty-five products per minute can be wrapped.

An easy touch Delta screen makes adjustments quick and easy. With a touch, product heights and width adjustments can be made. With the option of 30 pre-set products, operators press the pre-set size to adjust the machine accordingly. Less downtime between product adjustments will ensure more production.

A single-phase 220v/208v power supply is needed with an 80 psi air supply to operate the cross sealing bar and side sealing wheel. Products up to eighteen inches wide with an infinite length can be run. Longer products can be continuously sealed down the long side of the product as they move towards the shrink tunnel. Once the product has cleared the cross sealing bar, a seal is made to enclose the product within the shrink material fully.

All prices include set up and training at a delivery facility within the continental United States. 

See the machine specifications, size, and requirements below.


20" W Cross-Sealing Bar Sealer
Continous Teflon Coated Side Sealing Wheel 
Verticle and Horizontal Photo-Eyes
Easy Pinwheel Perforating Adjustments
Hot Knife Seal Technology
Delta Touchscreen Controls
Store 30 Product Sizes
Scrap Feed Unwind
Quick Sync Infeed Conveyor Option
Heavy-Duty Locking Casters
1 Year Warranty on all non-wearable parts
69" Lx51" Wx67"H Machine Dimensions 
220v Single Phase, 20 amp
3 CFM @ 80 PSI

Product testing is required before machines can be purchased. We always try to keep an automatic side sealer on the floor for product testing. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 to discuss your needs today.


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