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4 Mil Poly Tubing

$33.48 - $305.24
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls
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The 4 mil Poly tubing is considered a heavy-duty tubing to be used in more demanding applications. It is perfect for packaging larger and heavier products with sharp edges and corners. Our 4 mil poly tubing is offered on rolls ranging from 450’ to 1500’. We recommend the 4 mil tubing for products up to 100 lbs. in weight.

Key Features:

*USDA, FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact

*Excellent Clarity

*Continous Roll for Long Products

*Superior Strength

*Heat Sealable

*Made From Virgin Blended LDPE & LLDPE

All rolls come on a 3” cardboard core for easy dispensing. Click on the link to purchase a poly tubing dispenser or a hand impulse sealer. Please call or click on the request quote button for any answers or quotes.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductLengthWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LA-20951" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'2 LBS $33.48N/A
LA-30001.5" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'3 LBS $47.54N/A
LA-30052" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'4 LBS $50.29N/A
LA-30102.5" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'6 LBS $59.10N/A
LA-30153" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'7 LBS $65.59N/A
LA-30204" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'17 LBS $121.22N/A
LA-30255" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'21 LBS $141.11N/A
LA-30306" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'25 LBS $159.23N/A
LA-30327" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'30 LBS $191.47N/A
LA-30358" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'34 LBS $210.06N/A
LA-30409" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'37 LBS $216.33N/A
LA-304510" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'41 LBS $230.15N/A
LA-305012" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1500'50 LBS $259.03N/A
LA-305213" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1350'49 LBS $264.10N/A
LA-305514" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1350'52 LBS $270.85N/A
LA-306016" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1350'60 LBS $298.02N/A
LA-306518" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1200'60 LBS $277.92N/A
LA-307020" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing1050'59 LBS $272.76N/A
LA-307222" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing900'55 LBS $260.10N/A
LA-307524" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing900'60 LBS $277.92N/A
LA-307726" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing825'60 LBS $277.14N/A
LA-308028" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing825'64 LBS $298.72N/A
LA-308230" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'63 LBS $291.89N/A
LA-308532" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing750'67 LBS $304.87N/A
LA-309036" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing675'67 LBS $304.87N/A
LA-309540" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing600'67 LBS $305.24N/A
LA-310048" x 4 Mil Poly Tubing450'59 LBS $276.62N/A

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