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3M Scotch 372 Box Sealing/Packing Tape

$351.25 - $407.65
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The Scotch 372 packing tape is comparable to Scotch 371 packing tape. The most common difference is the overall strength and thickness.

This 3M Scotch brand packing tape is ideal for a variety of packing and box sealing operations. Commonly used for general industrial, food, beverage, medical, paper, print, electronics box, and carton sealing applications. Designed to resist abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and tear. It is easy to apply and considered a premium packing tape.

Product Details:

Adhesive Material Backing Material Material Tensile Strength Core Size
Hot melt rubber resin Scotchpro Polypropylene Synthetic Rubber Resin 26 lbs. 3 Inch

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SKUProductWidthxLengthTape ThicknessRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
HI-3m372 48x100 CLRScotch 372 Box Sealing/Packing Tape Clear48mmx100m2.2Mil(.056mm)361 Case20.52 LBS $351.25N/A
HI-3m372 72x100 CLRScotch 372 Box Sealing/Packing Tape Clear72mmx100m2.2Mil(.056mm)241 Case20.4 LBS $407.65N/A
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