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32 Inch American Made I Bar Sealer


The 32" I bar sealer can package products up to 30 inches long for larger products. A thicker nichrome wire can seal materials up to 2 mils thick. The machine includes everything needed to professionally shrink wrap products large and small. 

A quick-adjust timer can be adjusted for thicker shrink materials, The film tension adjustment keeps rolls from unraveling when undesired. After the film tension switch, is a film separator to open the centerfold polyolefin roll. The super sealer is designed to be a durable, low-cost option for shrink wrapping up to 300 products daily. This low-cost option is perfect for professionally packaging larger products. Each machine has a starter roll of shrink film and a variable temperature heat gun. The sealer has a standard 110-volt plug with prong, the five ft. power cord ensures plenty of room for plugging into a wall outlet. Refill polyolefin shrink film rolls can ship within 24 hours of a completed order. Order smaller rolls for smaller products and reduce waste.

Key Features

Power Supply: 110V

Shrink Film Included: 30"x100'x75 ga PVC Shrink Film

Heat Gun Included: Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Parts Kit Included: Sealing Wire and Tape

Film Rack: Film Tension Adjustment and Separator

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