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16" Corrugated Boxes

$17.30 - $72.76
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Corrugated boxes ranging in size from 16"x4"x4" boxes all the way up to 16"x16"x48" tall corrugated boxes. All 16 inch corrugated boxes are made from 200# kraft corrugated.


Our 16 inch corrugated boxes are all shipped flat to help save on storage space and shipping costs. They are sold in bundle and bale quantities. Check out the list below for details on all of our 16 inch corrugated boxes.

Box images are not representative of all boxes listed in chart below. Due to a large number of boxes available, not all box images can be loaded.


Boxes in the chart below measured in the following order: Length x Width x Depth



Call or email us for shipping quotes!

Product Details:
SKUProductBundle/BaleBoxes Per OrderWeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-16101016x10x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502224.5 LBS $34.51N/A
BP-16101216x10x12 Corrugated Boxes22/2502226 LBS $37.98N/A
BP-16101616x10x16 Corrugated Boxes22/2502225.7 LBS $44.86N/A
BP-1610416x10x4 Corrugated Boxes22/5002217 LBS $24.53N/A
BP-1610616x10x6 Corrugated Boxes22/5002220 LBS $27.91N/A
BP-1610816x10x8 Corrugated Boxes22/5002222 LBS $31.48N/A
BP-16111016x11x10 Corrugated Boxes22/3002221.7 LBS $37.80N/A
BP-1611916x11x9 Corrugated Boxes22/2502224.7 LBS $36.15N/A
BP-16121016x12x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502229 LBS $41.18N/A
BP-16121216x12x12 Corrugated Boxes22/2502230.5 LBS $44.12N/A
BP-1612416x12x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/3752220.6 LBS $30.20N/A
BP-1612616x12x6 Corrugated Boxes22/3752223 LBS $33.42N/A
BP-1612716x12x7 Corrugated Boxes22/3002220.4 LBS $35.51N/A
BP-1612816x12x8 Corrugated Boxes22/5002227 LBS $37.89N/A
BP-1612916x12x9 Corrugated Boxes22/2502222.5 LBS $39.18N/A
BP-16131016x13x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502230 LBS $43.93N/A
BP-16131316x13x13 Corrugated Boxes22/2502234.3 LBS $49.42N/A
BP-16141016x14x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502233.5 LBS $46.85N/A
BP-16141216x14x12 Corrugated Boxes22/2502235.3 LBS $51.26N/A
BP-16141416x14x14 Corrugated Boxes22/2502238 LBS $54.92N/A
BP-1614416x14x4 Corrugated Boxes22/3002224.7 LBS $35.89N/A
BP-1614616x14x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/3002227 LBS $40.27N/A
BP-1614816x14x8 Corrugated Boxes22/2502230 LBS $49.42N/A
BP-16161016x16x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502238.5 LBS $54.01N/A
BP-16161116x16x11 Corrugated Boxes22/2502239 LBS $56.39N/A
BP-16161216x16x12 Corrugated Boxes22/2502241 LBS $59.39N/A
BP-16161316x16x13 Corrugated Boxes22/2502234.9 LBS $60.59N/A
BP-16161416x16x14 Corrugated Boxes22/1252243 LBS $62.60N/A
BP-16161516x16x15 Corrugated Boxes22/1252245.5 LBS $64.63N/A
BP-16161616x16x16 Corrugated Boxes22/1252246 LBS $66.28N/A
BP-16161816x16x18 Corrugated Boxes22/1252249 LBS $70.83N/A
BP-16161916x16x19 Corrugated Boxes22/1252250 LBS $72.76N/A
BP-16162016x16x20 Corrugated Boxes22/1202241.2 LBS $59.86N/A
BP-16162416x16x24 Corrugated Boxes22/1202245.6 LBS $66.45N/A
BP-16162616x16x26 Corrugated Boxes11/1201124 LBS $34.88N/A
BP-16163016x16x30 Corrugated Boxes11/1201126.2 LBS $38.18N/A
BP-16163616x16x36 Tall Corrugated Boxes11/1201129.6 LBS $43.12N/A
BP-1616416x16x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2502229 LBS $42.10N/A
BP-16164816x16x48 Corrugated Boxes11/1201130.5 LBS $58.41N/A
BP-1616516x16x5 Corrugated Boxes22/2502230 LBS $44.12N/A
BP-1616616x16x6 Corrugated Boxes22/2502232 LBS $45.96N/A
BP-1616716x16x7 Corrugated Boxes22/2502233.3 LBS $48.33N/A
BP-1616816x16x8 Corrugated Boxes22/2502236 LBS $50.34N/A
BP-1616916x16x9 Corrugated Boxes22/2502237 LBS $52.36N/A
BP-164416x4x4 Long Corrugated Boxes22/1250226.5 LBS $17.30N/A
BP-165516x5x5 Long Corrugated Boxes22/1000228.4 LBS $18.86N/A
BP-166416x6x4 Long Corrugated Boxes22/7502211.8 LBS $19.31N/A
BP-166616x6x6 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002212.8 LBS $22.89N/A
BP-168416x8x4 Corrugated Boxes22/7502211.3 LBS $19.40N/A
BP-168616x8x6 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002213 LBS $22.70N/A
BP-168816x8x8 Corrugated Boxes22/5002218 LBS $27.09N/A
BP-169316x9x3 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002214 LBS $20.60N/A
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