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Small Reclosable Bags

Small 2 Mil Ziplock Bags
Small 2 Mil Reclosable Bags


$12.56 - $61.77
Small 4 Mil Ziplock Bags
Small 4 Mil Reclosable Bags

Heavy Duty

$20.44 - $99.56
Small 6 Mil Ziplock Bags
Small 6 Mil Reclosable Bags

Extra Heavy Duty

$55.57 - $135.98

Our small reclosable bags are bags with a width between 3"-6". Many companies and individuals use small ziplock bags for storage and packaging. Our small 2 mil ziplock bags are our best selling reclosable items. Many companies use these bags for an easy way to package and contain products.

Measure Reclosable Bags

The small bags are a quick and easy way to contain multiple products together for retail packaging and storage. All of our reclosable bags are FDA approved and a great option for food service products. Ideal for bakeries, delis, and butchers. Small bags come in  2, 4, and 6 mil thicknesses.

A two mil thickness is comparable to the average residential use ziplock bag, considered a standard strength bag. The four mil thickness is considered a heavy strength bag. This size is ideal for products with sharp corners and edges. It is also a great option for short term freezer storage for up to six months. The six mil bags are extra heavy duty bags made with superior puncture and tear resistance. The extra heavy duty bags are a premium option for long term freezer storage in excess of six months.

View the picture on the right for the proper way to measure a reclosable bag. We also sell mini ziplock bags (1-3 inch widths) and large ziplock bags (7 inch width or more). Call us or request a quote for a custom size or orders over 10 cases.

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