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Vented Stretch Film Allows Products to Breathe

Airflow Extended Core Vented Pallet Wrap
Airflow Extended Core Vented Pallet Wrap

Ready to use! Die cut holes reduce spoilage!

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Airflow Vented Stretch Film
Airflow Hand Pallet Wrap (3" Core)

Properly ventilate your products!

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Airflow Machine Vented Stretch Wrap
Airflow Machine Pallet Wrap

 Stretch film that allows ventilation!

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$219.04 - $239.32
Wrapnet Extended Core Pallet Wrap
Wrapnet Extended Core Pallet Wrap

Light weight netting allows ventilation!

Hand Pallet Netting
Wrapnet Hand Pallet Wrap (3" Core)

Hand netting wrap!

Wrapnet Machine Stretch Netting
Wrapnet Machine Pallet Wrap

Ventilation netting!

$101.96 - $168.22

Vented Stretch Film Information

Vented stretch film is ideal for a variety of produce products as well as cold and frozen products. Vented pallet wrap secures product loads and offers the ability for your products to breathe during transport and storage. We sell our vented pallet wrap to most farms and cold storage distribution centers. The two main types of vented pallet wrap we offer are: airflow vented stretch film, and wrapnet vented pallet wrap. Below is a brief explanation of each.

Airflow Vented Stretch Film- Vented Airflow stretch film is an ideal stretch film for a variety of applications. We recommend our Airflow stretch film for most of our produce and farm customers. Airflow offers great stretch to help secure pallet loads. Up to a 200% stretch is available with Airflow vented stretch film.

The stretch film has die-cut holes in it to: allow condensation to leave the pallet load, promote an even cooling process, and reduce spoilage. Vented stretch film rolls come in multiple lengths to help handle any job. We offer our vented pallet wrap with extended core handles, standard 3" core hand film, and machine film. Machine rolls are over 8,000 feet long!

Wrapnet Vented Pallet Wrap- Wrapnet is considered a vented pallet wrap and should not be considered a vented stretch film. Wrapnet pallet wrap does not offer the ability to stretch as the Airflow pallet wrap does. Wrapnet is made from a polyurethane netting that is great for securing lighter loads for ventilation.

We recommend wrapnet to companies who are wrapping loads less than 1,000 lbs. It is also important to know that starting and ending wrapnet loads is more labor intensive than Airflow pallet wrap. The best way to end wrapping a wrapnet load is to twist the roll at the end and tie a knot with the loose end. This is more time consuming, but wrapnet is a more economical option for using a vented pallet wrap.

If you have any questions about any of our vented stretch film or pallet wrap items, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090. You can also reach us by live chat or click on the contact us page.

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