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Indented Kraft Paper Rolls

Indented Kraft paper rolls can be quickly identified by small textured dimples all over the material. Indented Kraft paper is considered one of the best void-fill packing materials because of its rigidity and compression resistance. Rolls are available in 300 ft. lengths.

The curved bumpy finish of the indented Kraft paper helps absorb shock and protect products. Indented Kraft paper rolls are great to use as void fill because of the extra shock absorbed by the material during shipping. Indented rolls enable users to cut the paper into various shapes to fit any application. Any Kraft paper products we offer on a roll are more economical than the sheets. They can be as efficient to use as Kraft sheets depending on the roll cutter that you have. We offer a variety of Kraft roll cutters that are great for multiple situations. Cutters range from single-tier up to triple-tier paper cutters.

Shipping costs are always an issue when dealing with Kraft paper products. Usually, the cost to ship one roll of indented Kraft can be as much or close to the cost of the Kraft roll. We recommend users buy more than one roll at a time if the storage space is available to help save on shipping costs. Generally, if we can ship the rolls using a freight company, we can save on overall shipping costs.

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