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Bundling Stretch Film Uses and Applications

Bundling stretch film is comparable to most stretch film rolls commonly used to wrap full pallet loads of products. The main difference between bundling stretch film and traditional hand or machine stretch film is the roll size. Hand and machine stretch film rolls are often offered in widths between 10-20 inches. Bundling stretch film rolls are offered in widths from 1-5 inches.

We offer bundling stretch film in a variety of sizes and widths. The width of the film is often a preference for users, sometimes a specific width is needed to form fit a product. The thickness is often more important than the width of the film. The thickness directly relates to the strength of the bundling film. See the chart below for a bundling stretch film usage guide.

Bundling Stretch Film Usage Guide
Thickness Available Widths Suggestions
37 Gauge 2", 3", 5" A pre-stretched bundling film that requires minimal stretch and tension when applying. A great option for light bundles less than 8-10 lbs. with no sharp edges. Suggested weights can vary based on multiple factors.
47 Gauge 2", 3", 5" A bundling stretch film with a different resin mixture to make the film thinner and stronger. Offers the same hnewing strength as an 80 ga. as long as there are no sharp corners or edges.
80 Gauge 2", 3", 4", 5" The most common bundling film thickness. The 80 ga. thickness is a versatile thickness suitable for most applications up to 100 lbs. The 80 ga. offers more puncture resistance and tear resistance than the 47 ga. Suggested weights can vary based on multiple factors.
90 Gauge 2", 3", 4", 5" A step up in strength and tear resistance from the 80 ga. bundling stretch wrap. Often used when 80 ga. film is not accomplishing the desired results.
115 Gauge 4", 5" A strong film with increased tear and puncture resistance. Applying film and obtaining the proper amount of stretch takes considerably more effort than the 90 ga. film.
120 Gauge 2", 3", 4", 5" Slightly stronger than the 115 ga., and available in more widths.
135 Gauge 3", 5" A very strong bundling film for heavy objects with sharp edges. Can be difficult to correctly apply and obtain the proper amount of stretch.
150 Gauge 3", 4", 5" The strongest bundling film offered, with the most tear and puncture resistance. Ideal for the heaviest of jobs.


Each thickness of bundling can be used in multiple applications or for one specific application. Many of our customers use an 80 gauge film to wrap the majority of their products, but also have a 135 ga. to wrap the occasional heavy objects.

See the list below for common uses of bundling stretch film and suggestions for thicknesses we recommend.

Common Bundling Stretch Film Applications

Fed Ex and UPS Shipping - Bundling film is an excellent option for wrapping multiple packages together for parcel shipping.

Suggestions - We recommend using bundling film with packaging tape to send parcels. The combination of the two will ensure that packages will stay together and the film will not unwrap during shipping. Due to transportation stress when shipping parcels we recommend nothing less than an 80 gauge bundling film to wrap parcels.

Firewood Bundles - We sell a large amount of bundling stretch film to firewood bundlers. Most wood bundlers get ready around the end on summer and bundle throughout winter.

Suggestions - Based on customer feedback we recommend not using anything less than a 90 ga. film for bundling firewood. Most of our bundling customers use a 90 ga. or a 115 ga. depending on the size of firewood bundles.

Flooring Installers and Distributors - Many flooring installers prefer bundling film to quickly and easily wrap base boards and other flooring materials for quick transport to different job sites.

Suggestions - Many flooring installers use nothing more than an 80 ga. for product transportation. An 80 ga. extended core bundling film includes a built in handle for easy use. This enables workers to carry a roll and handle with them throughout the job site.

Picture Frame Makers - Corrugated Corner guards over picture frames wrapped with stretch film will help protect frames during storage and transportation.

Suggestion -  A light bundling stretch film is ideal for wrapping picture frames. Many framers prefer a 2 inch wide 47 ga. bundling film.

Cabinet Makers - Bundling film is a great option to wrap around cabinet doors to keep from swinging open during transportation. Bundling film will not leave a residue after being removed like tape and other materials.

Suggestion - Lighter gauged bundling film will work fine to help keep doors from swinging open during transport. Many prefer the prestretched 37 ga. film or the 47 ga. film.

Carpet Mills - Bundling film is a great way to keep carpet rolls rolled and secured. Many carpet mills and distributors use bundling film to keep carpet rolls tight and secure.

Suggestion - Most carpet mills use auto machine bundling rolls in lengths of 5000 ft. Carpet distributors often use hand rolls. The suggested film thickness all depends on the amount of carpet being wrapped per roll.

Building Material Centers - There are multiple building materials that are often wrapped with bundling stretch film. Building centers often have bundling film around to wrap orders for delivery and wrap items for storage.

Suggestion - Building centers vary on the thickness of film they choose. Some only wrap specific items and use lighter film; others wrap a variety of items and choose a heavier film to be sure they secure all products.

Pipe and Tubing Suppliers - Bundling stretch film is an excellent option for pipe and tubing suppliers. It works great for securing PVC and other plastic pipes together.

Suggestion - When choosing the proper film to wrap pipes and tubing, the size and weight of the tubing being wrapped is important. Light gauged film can be used with small PVC pipes, where the thick heavy film should be used with larger mainline piping.

Movers - Moving companies often choose bundling film over tape because it is cheaper and does not leave a residue on items being wrapped.

Suggestion - Most all moving companies use an 80 ga. stretch film. Most find the 80 gauge is more than adequate to be used with most household goods.

All of the listed applications are common applications used by multiple customers of ours. There are still a large variety of customers that use bundling stretch film for other reasons than suggested above. If you have any questions about bundling stretch film applications or uses, call us. We will try our best to assist with any questions you may have.


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