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Printed Pallet Wrap = Printed Advertising

Printed pallet wrap is costly compared to standard stock pallet wrap. It’s a custom pallet wrap made to order. The advantage is, printed wrap displays your brand anywhere. Any wrapped shipments with your products have your company logo displaying where ever they go.

Below we discuss a few options for printing on pallet wrap and ballpark prices of what to expect. The pricing is higher than stock film, but it achieves so much more. The wrap has to be thick enough to print on, which makes the hold, stretch and retention quality superb.

The Advantage

A printed logo on every pallet load sent out has the potential of reaching prospective customers before arriving at its destination. Upon arrival, the pallet may stay wrapped in a visible area where people will be exposed to your brand. Outdoor wrapped storage on busy intersections is perfect locations for printed pallet wrap displays.

The reason printed pallet wrap is popular, visual appeal. A cost-effective way to advertise a brand. It does not have to be limited to wrapping pallets either. We've had customers wrap venues and booths with printed pallet wrap to provide a brand presence at sporting events, community gatherings, concerts, and more.

If wrapping pallets to be stored or transported in view of potential customers, printed pallet wrap is much more professional upon arrival. Look at the image below. All three pallets contain the same product, but the logo wrap stands out.

Logo Pallet Wrap

Type of Film & Color

Printed pallet wrap can be printed on bundling film 5 inches wide or machine wrap up to 20 inches wide. Small bundling film used to wrap pipes or long tubing can be branded with a logo or product name.

Standard hand rolls that are 18 inches wide can be printed on clear, white, and black stretch film. Standard rolls for a machine are 20 inches wide and available in clear, black, and white for print.

The wrap has to be at least a 63 gauge thickness for print to be applied. The most common thicknesses in printed machine and hand stretch film are 63 gauge and 80 gauge. The heavier 80 gauge is preferred for heavy pallets or pallets with sharp corners and edges.


We recommend a high-resolution proof of the printing you desire. This will allow the art team to review for any possible limitations in the printing process. Due to the ink and film being printed on, fading colors can be difficult to print correctly. Another limitation can be shadows in the logo. All can be considered and determined once artwork of the logo is submitted.

One of the most important capabilities to remember is the maximum of a four-color print is possible on any job. Logos with more than 4 colors can not be printed on to show all of the colors.

The more colors on a print, the more costs will increase. A great way to reduce the number of colors on a print is by using a pallet wrap color that is on the logo. See the example below. White is part of the logo. By printing on a white film, we are able to reduce the number of colors used in printing from three down to two.  

Organic Printed Stretch Wrap

Costs and Minimums

Costs of printed pallet wrap can vary based on three primary factors:

The thickness of the film being printed on

The color of the film being printed on

The number of ink colors to be printed

Based on choices for the three factors above, film can have a wide range in price from a one-color print on clear wrap to a four-color print on a white wrap. The lowest costing option is a one-color black print on clear film.

The minimum for any printed order is a pallet of film. For printed machine pallet wrap, the minimum is 40 rolls. For hand pallet wrap the minimum is 48 cases or 192 rolls. Anyone looking for a ballpark figure on the cost of a printed pallet wrap order can easily estimate $5500 or more.

The increased cost for printed film is due to the printing process. Rolls need to be unwound and re-wound for printing. The process is time consuming, but the finished look is a professional and eye-catching wrap to build brand awareness.

For more information on printed pallet wrap, call 1-800-441-5090 and talk to our sales team.

Logo Stretch Wrap


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