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25 Packaging Machines with Images and Descriptions


The term packaging machine is a wide-ranging mix of machines covering many industries. There are thousands of packaging machines from large to small. Packaging machines can fill liquids, wrap products, weigh products, and protect products from transportation and storage.

The list of machines below is common packaging machines used throughout the world. Machines can vary in size dramatically but still perform the same basic functions. All of the machines are related to the process of packaging products for transport, storage, and sale. There are many more custom and standard packaging machines used throughout the world.




Placed at the end of a packaging line to sort and gather finished products. Accumulators save space by rotating products in a collection area. There are many different sizes and configurations of accumulators depending on the application and product being packaged.


Air Pillow Machines

Air Pillow Bagging Machine

Air pillow machines insert air into pouches to create an air pillow. The air pillows are used to cushion products during transport. The air reduces voids within the package to keep products from moving during transit.


Bag Openers

Bag Opener

Bag openers use air to open different bags. A must-have for higher speed bag filling operations. Most bag openers use wicketed bags or bags on rolls. As the air blows the bag open, products are inserted for packaging.


Bag Sealers

Bag Sealer

Bag sealers are used to fully enclose bags made from many different materials. The term “bag sealers” includes many different machines all designed to fully enclose and seal bags. Most bag sealers are flat wire seals to make wider and stronger seals.


Bagging Machines

Bagging Machine

Bagging machines pour products into bags after being opened. Bagging machines allow users to have consistent amounts of products placed into bags every time.


Capping Machines

Capping machine

 Cappers can be used with jugs, bottles, and jars to apply lid caps after the product fills the container. Cappers for large automated packaging lines can cap thousands of products per hour.


Carton Sealers

Carton Sealer

Carton sealers use tape to close boxes. As the box moves through the carton sealer, the tape is applied. Top and bottom carton sealers seal all open box sides. Carton sealers with the right tape can reduce product damage and increase efficiency.


Case Erectors

Case Erector

Flat boxes are formed and folded for products to be inserted into. Placed at the beginning of a packaging line before a carton sealer for boxes to move along a conveyor and be packed.




With the use of a conveyor belt, a checkweigher accurately matches the weight of a product as it passes by on a conveyor belt. Users can preset the desired weight and the conveyor will stop if products are not within the desired weight.




Conveyors transport products from one location to another desired location. Conveyors can be used anytime within a packaging line. Continuous packaging lines are fully automated with conveyors from start to finish. They are one of the most important parts of a fully automated packaging line. They come in a variety of sizes and types. Some are gravity powered, but most are electrically powered.


Filling Machines

Filling Machine

Filling machines are used with liquids and gels to regulate a consistent amount of liquids being placed into a bottle, jar, or another container.


Flow wrappers

Flow Wrapper

Food products all over the globe are wrapped using flow wrappers. Products wrapped with a flow wrapper have the easy tear rigid edges. Flow wrappers are for high-speed packaging applications. Most flow wrappers wrap a minimum of 60 – 80 products per minute.




Used to apply labels to packages, products, containers, and more. A labeler can be handheld and used in a warehouse for labeling products and boxes. Labelers can also be on a packaging line to apply labels to bottles or finished products.


Lidding Machine

Lidding Machine

A lidding machine is used to seal a tamper evident lid over products to ensure customers products have not been opened before consumption. Sealed lids can be found under the cap of many bottles containing liquids.


Luggage Wrapping Machines

Luggage Wrapping Machine

Some airports offer the option of using a luggage wrapping machine. Many companies handling and shipping luggage use a luggage wrapping machine to bundle multiple pieces of luggage together. They help to consolidate products and reduce tampering while in transit. 


Metal Detectors

Metal Detector

Metal detectors are used with conveyor belts to detect metal in products. Metal detectors can be used on automated packaging lines in conjunction with checkweighers. Metal detectors can feature an auto ejection feature to automatically remove products with metal in them.




 A thin PVC film, a tray, and heat pad are used with overwrappers. Many types of meat, vegetables, and fruits are wrapped with overwrappers. High-speed overwrappers can wrap hundreds, even thousands of products per hour. The overwrap protects consumable products from insects, dust, and other external elements.



Packaging Robot

Robots are efficient and accurate. In today’s high production packaging lines, robots are an integral part of many areas throughout the line. Robot designs and sizes can be dramatically different depending on each application.




 A scale can be used for weighing products or a collection of products within a fully automated packaging line. Scales are also an important part of packaging and shipping products via parcel or freight. All outgoing products should be measured and weighed when shipping via parcel.


Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel

Using heat and a conveyor belt, shrink tunnels move products through a heated chamber. The heat from the tunnel causes shrink wrap materials to shrink and conform to the product being wrapped.


Shrink Wrap Sealers

Shrink Wrap Sealer

Shrink wrap sealers use heat to mend shrink wrap materials together. Shrink wrap sealers seal and cut the excess film for better-looking seals. Different than bag sealers which feature wider seals for better closure.


Skin Packaging Machines

Skin Packaging Machine

Skin packaging machines use heat and a vacuum to pull a clear facing onto a backerboard. The clear film has an adhesive for the film to stick to the backer board. Heavy products can be skin packaged to prevent movement during shipping.


Strapping Machines

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are perfect for bundling multiple items together. A polypropylene strapping is wrapped around products to increase strength or attach multiple products together. Fully automatic strapping machines are capable of doing more than a strap per second.


Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch Wrap Machine

Stretch wrap machines are used to apply stretch film to pallets of products. The stretch film pulls tightly around the pallet being wrapped to hold products in place during shipping. There are many different designs for stretch wrap machines based on production levels. The most common stretch wrap machines are turntable stretch wrap machines. The turntable rotates pallets as the film is being applied.


Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are used to modify the air within a package. Modified Air Packaging or MAP is used to help extend the shelf life of consumable products. By reducing oxygen content within a package products can last longer and spoilage can be reduced.


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