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Hand Impulse Sealers

Seal shrink bags with a round wire impulse sealer and poly bags with a flat wire sealer. Heat sealers with a cutter blade are perfect for packaging with tubing rolls. Seal 2-3 products per minute with all listed sealers.

Hand Impulse Sealer Information

A hand impulse sealer is great for low output shrink wrap operations. Impulse sealers are an affordable way to provide a professional seal and look to your products. Hand impulse sealers come in two varieties: flat wire and round wire.

*Flat wire impulse sealer is good for tubing and sealing poly bags. All flat wire impulse sealers come with an adjustable temperature knob, as well as replaceable sealing wires. Many companies choose the flat wire impulse sealer for sealing poly bags because they do not seal and cut in one motion. The flat wire impulse sealers can seal the bag or film and still leave excess material for opening the sealed product.

*Round wire impulse sealer is great for cutting and sealing in one motion. Anyone wanting an impulse sealer for strictly shrink wrap film, we recommend the round wire impulse sealers.

The ability to seal and cut a film in one motion makes round wire sealers ideal for efficient shrink wrap operations. They are great for saving time when shrink wrapping multiple products. Like the flat wire impulse sealers, round wire sealers come with adjustable temperature control and replacement sealing wires.

*Hand Impulse Sealer With Cutting Blade is a flat wire sealer with an easy slide razor positioned at the top of the sealing bar designed for sealing poly tubing and PVC shrink tubing. The easy slide cutting blade allows users to quickly slide the cutting blade across the bar sealer to reopen the roll side of the tubing. Without a cutting blade, the tubing will be sealed off and scissors or a knife will be needed to open the tubing roll.

shrink wrap dispenser is recommended when using a centerfold roll of film with hand impulse sealers. A dispenser enables easy unwind and film separation. If you need additional assistance feel free to contact us at 1-800-441-5090. We will assist you in choosing the right set up for your needs.

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