Perforated POF Shrink Film (75 GAUGE)

$74.60 - $166.27

Perforated polyolefin shrink film is a food-safe shrink film with tiny holes throughout the film. The small holes are needle sized and difficult to see. They are perfect for letting smells through and quickly allowing air to escape when the package is shrinking. The holes are unnoticeable after shrinking is complete.


Perforated Shrink Film


Pre-cut holes are spaced 2.5 centimeters apart throughout the roll. The pre-cut holes are perfect for wrapping soaps and candles. The holes allow the product smells to easily come through the packaging. An excellent option for clearly displaying products with sight and smell.

  • Scent Friendly Packaging
  • Less Ballooning
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Food Safe
  • Limited Sizes Available

All perforated shrink film is on centerfolded rolls perfect for use with an L bar or I bar sealer. Shop the sizes below and request discounts on orders of 5 or more rolls.

Product Details:
SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order QuantityWeightPriceQty
DU-PPOF-750-088x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll8"x3500'7511 Roll16 LBS ($74.60)
DU-PPOF-750-1010x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll10"x3500'7511 Roll20 LBS ($97.85)
DU-PPOF-750-1212x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll12"X3500'7511 Roll24 LBS ($116.93)
DU-PPOF-750-1414x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll14"x3500'7511 Roll28 LBS ($132.70)
DU-PPOF-750-1616x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll16"x3500'7511 Roll32 LBS ($144.16)
DU-PPOF-750-1818x3500 Perforated POF Shrink Wrap Roll18"x3500'7511 Roll36 LBS ($166.27)
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