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We offer a variety of site-wide discounts to help you save money and keep returning to U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. for all of your packaging needs.

Discounts Available

Email Discounts

Our sales and marketing teams run specials all the time for new and overstock items. Sign up to receive special savings on packaging materials and machines. We do not sell or give out personal information. We value our customers too much!

Packaging Points

A reward program that pays you for spending money! U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is proud to be the first in the packaging industry to offer customers reward points for being loyal. See below for details.

Up to five percent of every dollar spent goes towards your packaging points. For every $100 spent there will be up to 5 packaging points credited to your account.

When redeeming your packaging points, 1 Packaging Point = 1 Dollar   

You can redeem your packaging points once you have reached a minimum of 10 packaging points. You can save and collect your packaging points for as long as you like and apply them to any purchase once 10 points are acquired.

Packaging points are based upon website prices. Custom pricing does not qualify for packaging points unless specified.

You can also earn additional packaging points for the below-mentioned incentives.

Account Saver Bonus

We offer a one time bonus of 10 packaging points just for setting up an account with us. Setting up an account helps make your next order fast and easy. You will also be eligible for a variety of money-saving coupons and informative newsletters. Your bonus 10 packaging points will be made available after your first purchase with us.

Bulk Saver Coupon

Our bulk saver coupon is designed to help save you money when your order subtotal is over $300. Larger orders help us save money by less handling and we want to pass those savings along to our customers. Be sure to enter coupon code: Bulk Saver if your order subtotal is $300 or above.

Coupon Limits

You may only use one coupon per order.

Clearance Items

Be sure to view all of our daily clearance items to save even more money on all of your packaging products. You can not apply coupons to clearance items, but can use accumulated packaging points on clearance items. 


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