Where To Buy Pallet Wrap?

Where can I buy pallet wrap? Easy answer, U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. Of course we will put our plug in for that question any time. As much as we would like to end this post with that answer, there are some instances we can not meet our customers needs.

We realize there are times we do not offer what some customers are looking for. Do we offer enough stretch film variety? Absolutely, variety is almost never the issue. Below are the two main reasons we can not supply people with a film they are looking for.

Time- We realize sometimes businesses are in immediate need of stretch wrap. We often get calls from customers needing a pallet wrap the same day they call. With multiple shipping warehouses across the United States we can typically have a customers products to them within two or three days. That still does not help the customer that needs the film that same day. In that case we prefer to refer the customer to a local store that carries stretch film. Hopefully they can buy enough film to hnew them over until their order from us gets in. :)

Quantity- We try our best to serve orders of all sizes, but there are times some order requests are too small. In our recent blog post, What is stretch film used for, we mentioned a couple of these uses. Most calls we get for small order quantities are individuals moving and storing personal items. All of our hand stretch film rolls come four rolls per case. This is often much more film than needed for moving a small apartment or house. Once again, this is a situation where a local chain store would be the best option for purchasing film.

In our opinion, the two reasons above and only those two reasons above are the only reason not to purchase your stretch film from us. Hey, we are entitled to our own opinion and we happen to think highly of our services, prices, and products.

Below is a list of local chain stores to consider when we can not offer the quantity of products you need in the time you need them.

Wal-Mart- An easy store to recommend because of the number of locations. Most everyone has a Wal-Mart in fairly close proximity. The bad news is most stores have a very limited selection of stretch film. Every store varies on which products and selections the offer, but most times the selection they offer can be found in the office supplies/moving section.

Most stores carry Duck Brand Stretch Bundling Film. These rolls are 5 inches in width. Rolls can often cost more than $8 to $9 per roll. Which is extremely expensive compared to buying a case of 12-15 rolls from us. The Duck brand bundling film is a quality film that will meet the needs of most users.

Home Depot- Once again another easy recommendation because many Home Depot stores are close to a Wal-Mart. Home Depot does offer a better selection of film than Wal-Mart. In recent years they have increased the selection of moving products they offer. Each store varies on the products they offer, but many offer a 20 inch hand film and a 5 inch bundling film. Some stores offer a few different widths, but those two are the main widths offered. The 20 inch rolls can often be as expensive as $25 to $30 per roll.

Harbor Freight- Not as many local stores, but if there is one close the prices may be slightly better than the other two mentioned. Harbor Freight has over 400 stores across the United States. Each store carries a fairly limited selection of stretch film, but the prices are typically better than the two mentioned above. We would recommend calling the local store to check inventory before driving there.

Staples- They offer a large variety and selection of film in most local stores. Prices are often high, but the selection is better than most local stores.

Uhaul- This is another hit or miss option. Some local Uhaul stores offer a great selection and decent prices on pallet wrap. Since each one is independently owned, it varies on which products are stocked from store-to-store.

Local Hardware Store- Many local hardware stores carry a few rolls of pallet wrap, we would recommend calling before driving to the local store to order.

This list is a great starting point for anyone that is wanting to buy a roll or two of stretch film or someone that needs some film immediately. For all other options would would love for you to consider us. We offer a much larger selection of pallet wrap than any of the local stores mentioned. All of our prices are based on quantity. We offer prices breaks at five products or more and free shipping on pallet orders. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit us at uspackagingandwrapping.com to place an order or ask us questions.


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