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Food packaging is a large industry composed of many different materials and products. Food producers all around the world dedicate large parts of their budget to packaging consumable products. The chosen packaging design often helps products stand out to consumers, increases shelf life, and reduces product loss.

At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we constantly try to increase our food packaging product lines. We realize we can not offer everything to fit all food producers needs, but we are always making efforts to help meet our customers demands. We often have new customers that do not realize the variety of uses for our food packaging materials.

We strive to provide products that assist in packaging products in multiple sectors within the food packaging industry. Below are a few of the sectors our products serve.

Meat FilmMeat- We sell our meat wrapping film to supermarkets, butcher shops, seafood companies, and a variety of other companies across the United States. We offer meat packaging film in three different thicknesses. Rolls can be used with hand dispensers as well as automated machines.

We provide many other food packaging supplies to package meat products. Our butcher paper is often used by butchers to package steaks and other meat products. Some meat providers us vacuum bags to package meat and lock in freshness. Vacuum bags and sealing removes air from the packaging to help lock in freshness. Our vacuum packaging machines and materials are not currently listed online, but feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 for more information and product details.

Produce FilmProduce- We offer a large selection of materials to accommodate produce packaging depending on the type of retail sales. Our produce film, like our meat film can be used with a hot plate to sell produce on foam trays. These are often used for grocery store and farmers market sales.

Many grocery stores and farmers markets prefer to keep it simple and use a cling wrap to package produce. We have perforated cling rolls that offer easy-to-tear cling wrap squares from a roll as well as food cling wrap rolls up to twenty four inches wide.

Many of our customers package fruit and produce in gift baskets for holidays and special occasions. Centerfnew polyolefin shrink film is a great option for gift baskets.

We also have some customers that use poly bags to package dry fruits and nuts for resale. We offer flat open end food-safe poly bags in a variety of sizes as well as ziplock poly bags in multiple sizes.

Baked Goods- Many large and small scale bakeries use our food packaging products for a variety of uses. We sell our wide plastic cling wrap rolls to several large commercial bakeries for covering dough vats.

For retail packaging, our polyolefin bags and rolls work great for covering breads, muffins, cupcakes, and many other baked goods packaged in bulk or separately.

Our ziplock poly bags are often used in large and small scale bakeries for storing and securing ingredients and other items used for baking.

Poly BagsCandy and Confections- Small candy shoppes often used ziplock poly bags to bulk package and sell products to store customers. Some candy makers use our freezer paper rolls during the production process. The freezer paper rolls have a polyethylene coating to prevent products from sticking to surfaces during the production process.

Some companies use polyolefin shrink bags to package their sweet treats for retail sales as well. The polyolefin bags are food safe for direct contact with consumable products.

Overnight Food Storage- We sell foil rolls and plastic wrap rolls to hundreds of restaurants around the country for overnight storage. Most restaurant cover and conceal product for overnight storage with plastic wrap and aluminum foil rolls. All of our rolls are between 500 - 2000 ft. in length for commercial use.

One of our best selling food packaging products is our plastic wrap rolls with slide cutters. The slide cutter has a safe and easy-to-use cutting blade to easily cut sheets to desired lengths.

Vented Stretch FilmFreezer Storage- We offer a variety of products used for freezer storage. Depending on the length of storage and the products being wrapped, users can wrap and protect food products with our materials.

Our freezer paper rolls have the ability to resist moisture and protect products for up to one year in freezer storage. Many companies use the freezer paper rolls with a shrink film, vacuum bags, or heavy gauge meat film to protect products from freezer burn.

Our vented stretch film is made to wrap palletized products for freezer storage. The vented holes allows condensation to escape the pallet load. This helps to reduce spoilage and waste.

Of course the uses listed above are not the only uses for our food packaging products, but many of our valued customers use our materials for these purposes. If you have any questions about our materials feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090. We love to assist in solving problems when possible. You can also click on the live chat button and a knowledgeable sales associate can help you with your questions.

Food Packaging Products and Uses


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