Buy Heat Shrink Wrap Locally

We prefer to customers and readers of this blog to buy our heat shrink wrap products, but on some rare instances it is cost effective to buy locally. People use heat shrink wrap products for a variety of reasons. We recommend anyone wanting to begin production wrapping products to view our shrink film selection.

Local stores may be ideal for users who are wanting to wrap a small amount of products one time. Some local craft stores often sale shorter rolls and smaller quantities than we offer. Below we are going to list a few chain stores located around the United States that carry shrink film products in stores.

Wal-Mart - They sell a variety of Basket Accents brand shrink film products. Each package comes with a very small amount of film. Perfect for users only wrapping a limited number of products. Wal-Mart does not offer any machines or sealers for shrink film.

Hobby Lobby - They only sell film at hobby lobby, but the selection is better than Wal-Mart. People can find small 7 yard rolls and gift basket shrink bags with as little as one bag per case.

Jo-Ann - Another local store that sells small quantities of shrink film products in most stores. Ideal for people wrapping a handful of products.

Ace Hardware - Stores can be found all over the country. The shrink film selection is limited. They do offer rolls of flat shrink film in some stores up to 75 ft. long. One item they carry that the stores above do not carry is a heat gun for shrinking the film.

These four stores carry a limited supply of heat shrink film. We could not find any chain stores that carry shrink wrap machines and film. Please leave us a comment if you know of any other local chain stores that carry shrink wrap products. We love to be able to recommend to callers other places to buy small quantities of shrink film locally.

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