PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls (2000 Ft.)

$63.00 - $173.25
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

Large 2000 ft. centerfold shrink wrap rolls are ideal for anyone running high speed machines or mediumoutput operations. They require a low seal and shrink temperature and offer an easy unwind.

PVC shrink wrap rolls are an excellent choice for wrapping a variety of objects including: CD'S, DVD's, Boxes, Calendars, and more! All rolls are centerfold to offer quick and efficient sealing. We offer widths from 10 inches to 30 inches. All PVC shrink wrap rolls are on a three inch core.


See the chart below for the complete list of our 2000 ft. PVC shrink rolls with SKU's, and pricing. You can also visit our shrink film library for more information about PVC shrink film.


Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing any PVC shrink wrap materials.

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Product Details:
SKUProductWidthGaugeRls./CaseMin Order Qty.WeightPriceQty
DU-PVC-750-1010x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.10"x2000'7511 Roll22 LBS ($63.00)
DU-PVC-750-1212x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.12"x2000'7511 Roll24 LBS ($77.00)
DU-PVC-750-1414x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.14"x2000'7511 Roll26 LBS ($88.80)
DU-PVC-750-1515x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.15"x2000'7511 Roll27 LBS ($93.25)
DU-PVC-750-1616x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.16"x2000'7511 Roll27 LBS ($99.77)
DU-PVC-750-1818x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.18"x2000'7511 Roll32 LBS ($103.75)
DU-PVC-750-2020x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.20"x2000'7511 Roll33 LBS ($118.75)
DU-PVC-750-2222x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.22"x2000'7511 Roll34 LBS ($128.72)
DU-PVC-750-2424x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.24"x2000'7511 Roll38 LBS ($139.63)
DU-PVC-750-2626x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.26"x2000'7511 Roll41 LBS ($150.87)
DU-PVC-750-2828x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.28"x2000'7511 Roll42 LBS ($161.60)
DU-PVC-750-3030x2000 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.30x2000'7511 Roll44 LBS ($173.25)

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