PVC Shrink Wrap Rolls (1500 Ft)

$53.00 - $213.00
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

100 gauge PVC shrink wrap rolls are made from strong and durable PVC shrink film. Users can obtain a strong seal with excellent clarity. PVC shrink wrap is an affordable way to package a large variety of objects.


Common objects wrapped with 100 gauge PVC shrink wrap include: heavy paper objects, boxes, gift baskets, etc. We recommend 100 gauge PVC shrink wrap for products up to 30 lbs.


100 Gauge PVC shrink Wrap Price Quote

Product Details:
SKUProductWidthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceQty
AIE-8-10-1.58x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.8"10011 Roll20 LBS ($53.00)
AIE-10-10-1.510x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.10"10011 Roll22 LBS ($68.00)
AIE-12-10-1.512x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.12"10011 Roll26 LBS ($77.00)
AIE-14-10-1.514x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.14"10011 Roll29 LBS ($92.00)
AIE-15-10-1.515x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.15"10011 Roll32 LBS ($100.00)
AIE-16-10-1.516x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.16"10011 Roll35 LBS ($107.00)
AIE-18-10-1.518x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.18"10011 Roll37 LBS ($110.00)
AIE-20-10-1.520x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.20"10011 Roll40 LBS ($118.00)
AIE-22-10-1.522x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.22"10011 Roll42 LBS ($126.00)
AIE-24-10-1.524x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.24"10011 Roll46 LBS ($133.00)
AIE-30-10-1.530x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.30"10011 Roll48 LBS ($176.00)
AIE-32-10-1.532x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.32"10011 Roll51 LBS ($190.00)
AIE-36-10-1.536x1500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.36"10011 Roll54 LBS ($213.00)

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