Colored PVC Shrink Wrap (500 Ft)

$48.00 - $80.00
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

Transparent colored PVC shrink wrap is a great option for customers wanting products to stand out.

We offer three colors and multiple widths all with the same amount of transparency. Colored PVC shrink wrap performs like all of our clear PVC shrink wrap. All colored PVC shrink wrap rolls are on a three inch core.

All of our clear and colored PVC shrink wrap offers up to a 30% shrink-rate. All of our colored shrink wrap rolls are centerfold rolls for easy and efficient packaging.

Colored PVC Shrink Wrap Price Quote

Product Details:
AIE-12-75-0.5-AM12X500 Gold PVC Shrink Wrap12"75Gold16 LBS ($48.00)
AIE-12-75-0.5-GRE12X500 Green PVC Shrink Wrap12"75Green16 LBS ($48.00)
AIE-12-75-0.5-RE12X500 Red PVC Shrink Wrap12"75Red16 LBS ($48.00)
AIE-16-75-0.5-AM16X500 Gold PVC Shrink Wrap16"75Gold17 LBS ($64.00)
AIE-16-75-0.5-GRE16X500 Green PVC Shrink Wrap16"75Green17 LBS ($64.00)
AIE-16-75-0.5-RE16X500 Red PVC Shrink Wrap16"75Red17 LBS ($64.00)
AIE-22-75-0.5-AM22X500 Gold PVC Shrink Wrap22"75Gold18 LBS ($76.00)
AIE-22-75-0.5-GRE22X500 Green PVC Shrink Wrap22"75Green18 LBS ($76.00)
AIE-22-75-0.5-RE22X500 Red PVC Shrink Wrap22"75Red18 LBS ($76.00)
AIE-24-75-0.5-AM24X500 Gold PVC Shrink Wrap24"75Gold19 LBS ($80.00)
AIE-24-75-0.5-GRE24X500 Green PVC Shrink Wrap24"75Green19 LBS ($80.00)
AIE-24-75-0.5-RE24X500 Red PVC Shrink Wrap24"75Red19 LBS ($80.00)

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